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Berite History

Berite Sawmill is based in South Cerney at the heart of the Cotswold Water Park. Made up of approximately 150 lakes in the heart of the beautiful English countryside.  For the last 50 years heavy industry has extracted sand and gravel to provide (among other things) the foundations of the M4. Gravel is still mined today.  When extraction is complete, the remaining pits fill naturally to create even more lakes.

Berite is based on a 3 ½ acre site and has been operational since 1974 for the manufacturing of equestrian surfaces such as gallops and arenas.  Before this date it operated as a concrete works.
However, 40 years ago a mobile milling company called Dormit Industries Limited  leased the site and built a sawmill.

The name Dormit originates from the two original owners Tim and Rod.  If you place the two first names together and say it backwards it becomes Dormit (Rod and Tim)

In 1986 the Aaronson Group, a manufacturer of laminated and veneer chipboard for the DIY market purchased the site.  The site was overseen by one of the groups director’s Mr. Keith Thornley.  The company was subject to a takeover by Glunz and latterly Norbord who decided to sell off its smaller businesses.  This prompted Keith to instigate a management buyout and become the Managing Director in 1997 with business partner Mr. Allan Jenkinson. Following Keith's retirement in 2014, Berite became a wholly owned subsidery of AW Jenkinson Forest Products; with Richard Palmer being appointed as Company Director and David Haste as Site Manager.

Over the years Berite has grown rapidly to become one of the market leaders in woodfibre gallop surfaces and arena surfaces and is highly regarded in the equestrian market, known under the brand Dormit Woodfibre. Alongside this product Berite produces sawn timber for the manufacture of pallets, as well as woodchips and sawdust for use in wood-based panels and as biomass fuel.