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Product Information & Product History (Dormit Woodfibre Equestrian Surface)

At Berite Sawmills, we produce a unique, high quality product called Dormit Woodfibre used for arena & gallop surfaces. Dormit is the established name in the equestrian world and is widely used throughout the country for training race horses on wood fibre all-weather gallops. Apart from gallops & arenas Dormit is also ideal for turnout areas, lunging rings, golf walkways and many other types of leisure and amenity uses.

Berite have been producing Dormit Woodfibre for gallops and arenas since 1974 giving us 40 years’ experience to make sure we make the right product for your needs.

Operating on a 3 acre site in the picturesque Cotswold Water Park south of Cirencester, the mill was set up in 1974 by two entrepreneurs supplying the equestrian market with wood fibre and was originally known as Dormit Timber Industries Limited who set out to create the very best natural, sustainable, all-weather riding surface for gallops & arenas.

Dormit's matting and compaction characteristics provide a firm yet shock-absorbing equestrian surface with reduced tracking-up and dust, making it ideal for hard-wearing arenas, gallops and walkways where intensive use occurs.

We only use 100% virgin timber straight from British forests with mainly sustainable softwoods such as Scots Pine, Sitka, Norway Spruce and Douglas Fir. Berite can always tell you the species of wood used to create your order of Dormit Woodfibre. No waste wood or treated wood will be brought on to our site which allows us to be confident in providing a safe and sustainable gallop & riding surface.

The chipping and screening process produces a woodfibre that has a consistent particle size, giving it very low sawdust content and no over-size chips perfect for a gallop or arena. Unlike cheaper woodfibre surfaces made from recycled timber (post-consumer and manufacturing waste) Dormit Woodfibre is a natural product, free from any possibility of contamination by metals, plastic or glass.

Dormit Woodfibre is free-draining and low maintenance. Levelling and rolling ensures even wear and keeps an equal depth of fibre over the membrane spread on either your gallop or arena. We would be pleased to provide basic advice on construction and put you in touch with a contractor.

Dormit’s all-weather riding surface is composed of specifically graded and carefully chosen wood fibres machined to a particular size and texture. This formula produces an excellent gallop or arena surface with natural matting characteristics and first rate properties of weight dispersion. The end result is that Dormit performs better and longer than surfaces made of sand, peat, sawdust, shavings, peelings, dirt or such materials. A further bonus is that Dormit’s surface requires only a minimum of maintenance. Its natural resilience and durability means that the surface largely looks after itself.

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