We need your Roundwood bars

We require regular quantities of roundwood bars throughout the year. We offer firm delivered prices to suit harvesting from both small-scale traditional woodland estates, as well as from larger commercial forestry where continuity of production is key.  

We can accept all UK-grown conifer species although the preference is for Spruce, Larch and Douglas fir, as well as Pine when not susceptible to blue-stain in the warmer summer months. Lawson Cypress, Western Red Cedar and Phytophthora infected Larch can be accepted by prior agreement only.

Berite operates a certified weighbridge, which means delivery is easy and log wagons are promptly turned around. We can also unload flats and skeletal trailers by arrangement. Please see our current roundwood specification and contact us to discuss your immediate availability, or future harvesting plans. 

Roundwood Specification