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Dumpy Bag Dormit Walkway Woodfibre

£40.00 Ex. VAT

Dormit Wood Fibre is highly recommended for walkways and paths, whether in an agricultural or leisure setting.

Dormit is a 100% natural virgin material, free from any foreign matter such as glass, metal and plastics that could cause injury.  The free-draining and dust-free wood fibre layer also ensures maximum comfort underfoot for everyone.

Dormit Wood Fibre is a firm anti-slip surface that is perfectly balanced in an agricultural setting, as it is soft enough to prevent sores, and hard enough to ensure easy movement. It’s safe for livestock’s feet and hooves, and also user-friendly which means you won’t have to spend too much time maintaining the walkways.

It is also widely used in the amenities market, particularly in businesses such as golf courses where paths need to stay as safe, clean and dry as possible.

For a wood fibre walkway surface, we recommend a depth of 5 to 6 inches

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